Jakob Botsch Nielsen

Hi, my name is Jakob. I am a software engineer from Aarhus, Denmark working remotely at Microsoft on the .NET JIT compiler. You can find me day-to-day on GitHub.

Before my switch to Microsoft I was a PhD student in the Logic and Semantics group at Aarhus University where I applied formal methods in the area of smart contracts using the Coq proof assistant. I am still interested and sometimes active in projects like ConCert and MetaCoq.

Work experience

Software Engineer


Apr 2021 — Present

I work on the open-source .NET JIT compiler. You can see me work in the dotnet/runtime repository on GitHub.

Software Engineer Intern


Jul 2019 — Sep 2019

I was an intern on the .NET core JIT compiler team in Redmond where I worked on enabling tail call optimization in a wider range of scenarios than previously.

Senior Developer

Bossland GmbH

Sep 2009 — Aug 2018

I was involved in writing automation software for various computer games such as World of Warcraft.


Conferences and workshops


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